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Fine-tuned and powerful
reports that lead to action

Never face another important decision without insights. Rely on accurate and easy-to-use data from across your organization and even outside it.

Officevibe’s boost metric panel suggesting proactive actions to improve the results of the Relationship to manager metric.

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Moment Factory
One Signal

See and do more with insights that matter

A manager who makes decisions based on the data collected

Data-driven decisions

Harness the power of data to make better business decisions in lean times when budgets are tight and resources are limited.

A manager who shares insights with her team

Insights for all

Deliver insights straight to the hands of all your people. With reports made for sharing, everyone can lead the way to a better experience for all.

An employee looking at his team's report in Officevibe

Your central record of EX

Get a true sense of your organization’s vibe with a single source to look back in time. That way, you’ll never lose touch with that special something.


Breakdown experience silos

No team gets left behind. Easily see where your teams’ experience is alike and where they are different so you can be sure where you can make the most impact. Plus, don’t just compare across teams — with industry benchmarks, you can also compare with the market!

Officevibe pulse survey comparison table to compare scores and results variations with industry benchmarks for each metric.
Officevibe feedback report showing the amount of constructive and positive feedback reply sent by managers to their team.


All feedback counts

Never let employee feedback go unanswered again. Track feedback response rates across your teams and organization and make sure every employee feels their voice is heard.


It’s easy to be proactive

Act on insights with suggested actions available in-app and on-demand. It’s an easy way to help you boost engagement metrics like relationship with your team, recognition, wellness, and more!

Proactive actions suggested by Officevibe to boost the recognition and appreciation metric score, such as sending Good Vibes.
Officevibe’s meeting participation report showing teams participation score for 1-on-1 meetings in the last 30 days.


Meeting participation counts

Don’t have a way to tell if all of your teams can make time for their all-important 1-on-1 meetings? Now you do!



The simplest employee experience solution that provides insights and tools to transform your organization on day 1, not in 6 months.