Thanks for joining us for episode 5 of Vibe Check! In this episode, Julie Jeannotte, HR Expert and Researcher at Officevibe is joined by Emilie Salvi, a learning and development professional and certified career educator. Their inspiring conversation explores the topic of growth, what it looks like both professionally and personally, what it means at each stage of an employee’s career journey, and how it truly impacts employee engagement and retention at an organizational level.

From tapping into resources and processes to providing support and guidance, they agree that no growth strategy is ever one-size-fits-all.

Watch this episode to get valuable insights on:

  • The many dimensions of employee growth
  • How to foster growth in your organization
  • The impact of employee progression on your bottom line

“Learning is at the core of any kind of transition you’re going through; it’s part of wherever you're going.” 

Emilie Salvi, learning and development professional and certified career educator

Growth isn’t always linear

One standout topic from this episode is that of the direction of growth, and letting go of the preconceived idea that growth is something that’s purely linear. When we start to understand that growth can be horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal, we start to recognize what resonates for each individual in terms of what they’re trying to achieve both professionally, and personally (as the two truly go hand in hand). On that note, the conversation also served as a reminder that personal growth is one of the best drivers of engagement. When you’re committed to your personal mission, along with that of your organization, you’re set to be a more positive contributor. And what’s not to love about that?

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Meet our illustrious guest 

Emilie Salvi

Learning and development professional and certified career educator

"Connecting with others and belonging are such basic human needs that are essential just to be our best selves… not just professionally but personally."

Emilie Salvi

Having developed successful educational programs in the non-profit, academic, and tech fields, she’s passionate about learning and its endless potential to positively transform ourselves, as candidates, employees, and employers, building together thriving working environments.

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