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Internships at Workleap

Rise with us

We’ve all started somewhere. We weren’t born with knowledge. We’ve acquired it. And we’re more than willing to share it.

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Forget the 'intern' label: you’re a team member  

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Our vision of work

Good people, good tech, good vibes

We’re generous, friendly, honest, easygoing, yet hard-working go-getters. We bring our best selves to work. And we believe that keeping this in mind makes us a damn great workplace. Making work really work starts in our very own office, whether that’s at home or in person. 

From day one, I was greeted with warmth during my onboarding process and that warmth still lasts to this day! Workleap’s culture and values really resonate with me, it’s an environment where I can learn at my maximum potential. 

Simon HuangIntern Dev at Workleap
Headshot of Simon Huang, Intern Dev at Workleap
Internship vibes: A cup of coffee on a desk, symbolizing the dynamic and energizing atmosphere of a software company

What you can expect

We can get our own coffees, thank you

As a Workleap intern, you’re a part of the team — we learn as much from you as you learn from us. You'll work with our product team on code that will be put into production. Reimagining the future of work isn’t a thing we dream of. It’s a thing we do. And you have a big part to play.

What’s the takeaway?

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Get mentoring 

It’s the basis of any good internship, at least in our opinion. You’re here to learn and learn you will. From the first day to the last.

Get impactful

Do actual work, with actual people, on projects that actually matter. And make a significant impact on the world of work.

Get teammates

You’re not on your own. You’ll work alongside your team, and they’ll rely on you as much as you’ll rely on them.

Get perks

As part of the crew, you also get the goods. Perks such as telemedicine access, up to $1,000 a year for health and wellness expenses, lunch delivery, and up to $60/month reimbursement for Internet fees.

asked questions

Which stack do we use on a daily basis?

Typically, we use React for the front-end and C# for the back end. But it’s also possible to intern in development with teams using different technologies. For example, technologies that are Cloud-component focused. 

What’s the difference between an internship at Workleap and elsewhere? 

As our intern, you’ll play an important and collaborative role directly with our team. You’ll be treated like a real employee. In other words: you’ll be doing real work. The code you produce will be deployed into actual production for our clients — you’ll never work on an internal-only project.

Is there a possibility of getting hired full-time after my internship? 

The answer: most certainly. Many of us started as interns. So, let’s get to work and rise together.

Let’s make work really work 

Does all this sound like something you can get behind? Join us for the ride.