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Workleap’s Innovation lab 

The future of work starts here

The Innovation Lab, or simply the Lab, is where we push the boundaries and build new products from the ground up. With a startup mindset but deeper pockets and more field experience, the Lab constantly faces the unknown with agility and intensity. Who’s in?

What’s the idea?

Let us tell it like it is: Workleap is doing well. Our revenues exceeded $100M last year alone. To say that we are successful is an understatement. But failure to innovate would leave all of that in the dust. That’s where the Lab comes in. It’s where we ask ourselves: What are the most urgent and painful problems currently plaguing knowledge workers and their businesses? How can we experiment to build the most innovative and simple solutions to address those problems? Make sense?  

Collaboration du laboratoire d'innovation logicielle : des personnes sourient et discutent d'idées tout en examinant un écran d'ordinateur dans le café du bureau Workleap

Our day-to-day

The future of work starts here

Offering simple solutions to unsolved issues

We ask customers and ourselves: what is the most urgent problem currently plaguing their businesses? We then leverage our field knowledge and elaborate bold and ambitious strategies.

Actually pushing our creation to market

A solution doesn’t solve much if it stays on paper. We test it, improve it, get feedback, and make sure it makes work really work. And for that, we gotta be hands-on in the field.

Integrating our solutions within Workleap

We are all for unity and consistency. We find where we can add value. We bridge the employee experience essential gaps within what Workleap already offers.

Cheering, learning, and starting over

We celebrate our wins. Or we learn from our failures. Usually, it’s a mix of both. It’s what drives us to find the next big thing, again and again. Let’s get a new ball rolling. Game on.

We act as if the future of work was in our hands  

Workleap has been thinking about the future of work for a long time. The Lab is a testament to our devotion and to the purpose that drives the company. That being said, we march to the beat of our own drums here. 

  • We prioritize actions and iterations
  • We function as a small team with minimal hierarchy
  • We sway from our main expertise, and it’s OK 
  • We work directly with the Workleap CEO (literally a team member)
  • We are not influenced by Workleap operations

What’s good about rolling with us 

  • We proudly have the means to support our ambitions
  • Everything you work on comes to life almost immediately
  • You not only can but have to experiment freely with innovative ideas
  • You start a product from scratch and influence every step of its growth and success
Overhead view of an employee working on her laptop alone in a sunny auditorium at the Workleap office.

Team principles

We try to live up to them, every day  

Creativity, risk, and a little madness

We’re not in the business of creating more of the same boring products on the market. We bring new flavors that get customers excited. We build unexpected solutions that are game changers.

Excited by the unknown

Uncertainty doesn’t stop us from making decisions. We use data and feedback to guide our intuition. A bad decision is better than no decision at all. 

Builders, not talkers

We're not here to show off. We work hard to solve real user problems. We make decisions, own our expertise, and never stop learning. We persevere and elevate everyone around us. 

We keep it fun

We enjoy pushing our skills to the limit. We celebrate through the good times and the bad times. Doesn’t matter if we’re at the top of the mountain or not: let’s enjoy the climb.

At Workleap, and especially at the Lab, we explore, learn, fail, and succeed together. We have the ambition to create products that will positively change organizations, and for that, we must bring our A-game every day. It’s energizing, captivating, and challenging all at once, but our strength lies in our ability to support each other and bounce back. 

Antoine JagueneauProduct Owner Marketing at Workleap
Portrait d'Antoine Jagneau,Product Owner Marketing chez Workleap

Sounds daunting, but also exciting?

That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Join the ride.

asked questions

Is the Lab independent from Workleap? 

Not exactly. The Lab is part of Workleap but has tremendous autonomy in the way it operates. It gives us a lot of latitude while still working towards a common goal. 

How do you decide what project to start?

A lot of factors influence our decision process, like: Workleap’s vision, the markets, pain points that irritate us every day, discussions we have with our clients, and sometimes just straight intuition. There are sparks of genius in many things.

Can I expect a clear career path in the Lab?

The Lab is a space created to collaborate intensely and build products fast. It’s not what you’d call a “regular 9 to 5.” The more success we find, the more confidence we receive. We push the limits of our expertise, and when it pays off, we are blessed to be recognized and generously remunerated for it. There is no real cap on the impact you can have on the team. 

What are your products’ cycles of life? 

We define a high-level vision and strategy for what the product is and quickly determine what our MVP will be. At this stage, we usually take the time to experiment with some tech, if needed, before we start coding and building prototypes. Finally, we iterate along the way. This process generally leads us either to a success, a pivot or a failure. You’ve got to be ready for it.