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Meaningful recognition that inspires great work

Retain employees with meaningful peer-to-peer recognition that celebrates small wins, major milestones, and culture champions.

An employee celebrating receiving a Good Vibes from his manager.

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Reward your people with meaning

It’s about more than swag and gift cards. Reward the little deeds and outstanding successes at any time, with customizable and genuine messages that line up with your values.

Officevibe Pillar Recognition Good Vibes
A team recognition report presents a score of 7 out of 10 as well as the answers to the questions that led to this result.


Measure the impact, see the difference

Break through the noise and dive deeper into recognition-specific insights from Pulse Survey questions, feedback, and easy-to-use custom surveys.

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It pays to invest in employee experience

Measure the return on employee experience. Answer three quick questions to discover how your company can save.

The Officevibe difference

There's an easier way to work together 

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Simple tools

Don’t miss a beat. Our uncomplicated tools are ready to take on tough organizational challenges from day one.

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Say it your way

Don’t cloak it with corporate. Keep it natural. Make it conversational. And connect in better, more human ways than ever before.

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Make it memorable

We’re here to take a load off. Our easy-to-use tools are here to simplify the serious stuff, so your team will keep coming back for more.

The new feature: Good Vibes, is an excellent addition to the Officevibe product. Receiving and giving a good vibe to a colleague brightens up a workday!

Lysane PerreaultTalent Management and Administrator
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Officevibe is the simplest employee experience solution that provides insights and tools to transform your organization on day 1, not in 6 months.

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