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Employee pulse survey tool

Workleap Officevibe’s science-driven Pulse Surveys ask your team the right questions to measure employee engagement. Easy-to-read survey reports make it quick and intuitive to see where you can have the greatest impact on company culture. Turn actionable insights into effective employee retention strategies by knowing where to focus.

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Weekly employee pulse surveys

Improve employee productivity and engagement with just five relevant questions per week. The employee survey software is built to give actionable insight.

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Collect employee feedback

Clear, easy-to-read reports give you real-time insights into employee concerns. Plus, with a historical view, you can track improving employee retention and engagement trends over time.

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Anonymous pulse surveys

Anonymous feedback is powerful! Employee surveys gain honest answers and managers and HR get more accurate results to make positive change.

An employee survey platform that fuels
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Critical employee insights

Reports are easy to understand and designed to highlight what HR and managers should focus on.

  • Avoid survey fatigue with a smart algorithm that sends relevant questions without being repetitive.
  • Easy-to-read reports present clear, anonymized, aggregated data from survey results.
  • Share survey reports with teams and key stakeholders across your organization.
Overview of the Creative Team Engagement Report which scored an 8.6 out of 10.
A report on recognition which shows a drop of 0.5 points over the last 6 months.

Deeper understanding

Data-driven decisions

Officevibe helps leaders in organizations make the right decisions about employee engagement.

  • Know exactly what is working in your organization and confidently invest in those areas.
  • Spot where people need support and use this data to back up changes and resources.
  • Measure the impact of initiatives with quantitative feedback and custom surveys.

True enablement

Employee empowerment

Officevibe helps managers and teams work collaboratively and have more meaningful conversations.

  • Data from the employee engagement surveys is available to everyone on your team for full transparency.
  • Quickly turn team metrics into talking points in one-on-one meetings booked directly in the app.
  • Everyone is accountable for a positive workplace culture, and Officevibe gives employees a voice.
A report that shows growth in terms of relationships with managers

85% of employees who use Officevibe feel like their manager cares about their opinion.

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everything you need

A smart employe pulse survey software

Ask the right questions and get real-time valuable feedback you can act on today to grow your business.

Powerful real-time insights

Spot issues before they evolve with real-time feedback using employee pulse survey reports. Make sense of pulse survey results with 10 key metrics of engagement that break down into 26 sub-metrics, and data from individual survey questions. Reports have a simple, digestible presentation and are rich with actionable insights into the employee experience.

Actionable employee feedback

Beyond reports, open-ended survey questions and anytime anonymous feedback prompt employees to go into more detail. Managers can turn feedback into chat-like conversations to better understand, while employees can choose to stay anonymous (or not). These actionable insights help managers make meaningful improvements over time.

Clear next steps

Managers can easily take action on employee feedback directly in the app. Dig deeper into specific topics with custom pulse surveys, easily share results with your team, follow up individually in one-on-one meetings, and track progress all in one software. Officevibe's employee engagement platform empowers teams to discuss and improve engagement on a regular basis.

asked questions

What is an employee pulse survey?

An employee pulse survey is a survey that’s sent to employees at regular intervals to measure their levels of engagement in their work and at their organization. Unlike an annual employee survey, Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys provide more accurate, real-time insights for managers and leaders, and help them track engagement trends over time. This is done by asking fewer questions more frequently, to avoid biased responses and avoid survey fatigue. Pulse Surveys are fast and easy for employees to answer, and are designed to gather quick feedback so leaders can understand how people really feel.

How do you create a Pulse Survey?

The first step to creating a Pulse Survey is to understand what you want to measure. Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys measure things like job satisfaction, manager-employee relationships, peer relationships, happiness, wellness, and other employee engagement metrics. From there, you can be sure to ask the right employee engagement questions to get you the information you’re looking for. Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys include multiple-choice questions, sliding-scale questions, and open-ended questions to collect a variety of employee feedback data. You can send a Pulse Survey weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Officevibe’s Pulse Survey software automates the process for you and saves you time, (try it for free!).

Can we customize the Pulse Survey questions to align with our organization's needs?

Yes, users can customize Pulse Survey questions to align with your organization’s specific needs. This tailoring allows you to measure relevant metrics and gather targeted feedback. It equally helps identify your company’s strengths and areas for improvement based on organizational goals.

What survey frequency options are available with Workleap Officevibe's Pulse Survey tool?

Officevibe offers flexible survey frequency options, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly surveys. Different survey frequencies allow organizations to track employee engagement score and trends over time more effectively. Weekly surveys provide real-time insights and help address emerging issues promptly, while bi-weekly and monthly surveys allow for a broader view of engagement patterns and changes and help measure the impact of employee engagement initiatives.

How do you incentivize employees to take surveys?

Employees are more likely to participate when they understand the purpose of the survey and feel safe to answer honestly. Explaining how the survey results will be used and that it’s an anonymous survey is helpful for increasing participation. Employees will also be more invested if they’re a part of the process and see real action taken from survey results. Share reports with them, offer them full transparency on the survey results and make them part of the solutions to challenges. When employees see that surveys result in action and are invited to participate in that action planning, they feel their voice really counts. You can turn survey insights into action by talking to your team openly and directly about the results and asking your team for ideas to improve things.

Is a Pulse Survey confidential?

For you to drive real change, you need to know how people are actually feeling. But employees won’t share honest feedback unless they feel safe to do so. Pulse Surveys results should represent the sentiments of the team, and not pinpoint individual employees’ responses. Officevibe’s Pulse Survey reports never show individual answers, only aggregated results are presented. Text answers are anonymous by default, but employees have the option to reveal their identity in the chat if they choose to. This is all to support employees sharing their most honest feedback and thoughts, so reports represent how people really feel, and can be shared and discussed without anyone feeling singled out.

What is a good employee survey response rate?

In Officevibe, a good employee survey response rate is between 60-79% participation, and an excellent survey response rate is between 80-99% participation. Participation rates can be tracked at a team level and across the entire company, and the participation report helps you see employee response rates over time.

Can Workleap Officevibe's Pulse Survey tool benchmark employee engagement results?

Yes! Officevibe’s tool enables organizations to benchmark their employee engagement results against industry standards or internal benchmarks.

Benchmarking provides valuable insights into an organization’s performance in comparison to external or internal benchmarks. It allows organizations to identify areas where they excel or lag behind, set improvement targets, and make data-driven decisions to enhance employee engagement.

How many questions should be in a pulse survey?

Pulse surveys are often between 5-15 questions. They should be quick and easy to answer, to avoid survey fatigue and increase employee participation. Officevibe’s Pulse Survey software sends five questions to each employee on a weekly basis. The algorithm ensures questions are different each week and all metrics are covered regularly. This keeps surveys relevant, improves the accuracy of pulse survey results, boosts your response rate, and avoids survey fatigue.

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Are Pulse Surveys anonymous?

Not always, but here at Workleap Officevibe we take employee anonymity very seriously. Anonymity offers psychological safety for employees to confidently share their honest sentiments. In Officevibe’s Pulse Survey reports, individual answers are never displayed, only aggregated results are presented. A minimum of three employees need to have answered a survey for managers to see the results in a team. Text answers are anonymous by default, but employees have the option to reveal their identity in the chat if they choose to. A minimum of five employees need to have answered a survey for managers to see anonymous feedback.

What measures are in place to protect sensitive survey data?

Officevibe has stringent data security measures in place to protect sensitive survey data. It employs industry-standard security protocols, encryption, and access controls to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of employee responses. These measures are designed to create a safe environment for employees to provide honest feedback.

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