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The magic pill to all your onboarding headaches

Your onboarding process relies on heavy manual work and feels messy, disconnected, and inconsistent? Let us show you a better way and start wowing your new hires today.

Onboarding dashboard showing the current and upcoming plans, activities to do, and quick links to view surveys and record clips.

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Import templates or create new ones in one click

Import your existing onboarding template in one click, or use our collaborative drag-and-drop builder to create new onboarding plans on demand. Choose from a bank of 120+ activities to inspire you and enhance your plans effortlessly.

Book onboarding meetings automagically

Onboarding can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare when you have dozens of new hires at the same time and you need to manually book meetings for all of them. Our nifty one-click meeting scheduling feature connects with your Google Suite or Microsoft Outlook to do all the heavy lifting for you and make sure no meeting slips through the cracks. How nice!

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New hire answering an automated onboarding survey that asks if she enjoys her onboarding

Survey your new hire’s happiness

Keep your finger on the pulse with timely onboarding analytics and insights. Automatically send surveys to new employees to check in and see if they need your help to remove blockers or gain clarity. Automate reminders in Teams or Slack, track progress and completion rates and continuously improve your process with new feedback.

EMPLOYEE Onboarding

We fixed onboarding and made it smarter

Onboarding is much more than just signing forms. Workleap Onboarding picks up where your HRIS stops to create meaningful and productive first days.

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Break silos

Bring HR, IT, hiring managers, and all your key stakeholders under one roof to collaborate effortlessly on crafting a cohesive and delightful onboarding experience.

process of creating an onboarding template

Create templates

Import your existing onboarding template or create dozens of new ones with AI in just one click. Standardize and automate your onboarding process and say goodbye to manual work.

a place where you can centralize and manage assets

Centralize assets

Centralize all your colleagues, documents, and links in one place to create a seamless onboarding experience that makes new hires engaged, connected, and productive from day one.

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Book meetings in one click

Put an end to manually booking onboarding meetings. Workleap Onboarding connects with Google Suite and Microsoft Outlook to help you schedule meetings in bulk... in one click.

employee onboarding progression being tracked

Track progress

Measure engagement, progress, and completion rates with analytics and timely surveys that help you keep your finger on the pulse, improve your process, and remove blockers if need be.

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Supercharge your HRIS

Workleap Onboarding connects with all the most popular HRIS and existing workflows to save you time and create an integrated onboarding experience that your new employees love.

Fintech startup Lexop dramatically improved their new employee satisfaction rate, jumping from 72% to 98% satisfaction rate in just 3 months after implementing Workleap Onboarding.

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Have your new hires hit the ground running

Workleap Onboarding helps you unlock your team’s full potential and instantly create value for your organization. Try it today for free & find out for yourself!

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