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A seamless employee experience is what enables people to work at their best and win as a company.

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Powerfully simple 

Software built for everyone to do their best work

Every business is different. We make sure to cover all the bases so you can leap to great impact, no matter your needs.


Experience great work

Build lasting engagement, performance, and recognition to drive team success.

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Employee onboarding

Automate, streamline, and improve your onboarding process effortlessly to make new hires productive and engaged from day one.

Illustration representing Workleap Onboarding: Friendly employees welcome a newcomer to Workleap, providing them with a step-by-step guided path.


Talent development

Create more fulfilling and productive workplaces with AI-powered skill mapping and simple career development tools.

Illustration Workleapplatform Talent Development


Learning management

Build, manage, and monitor employee training with an easy-to-use learning management system.

Illustration Workleapplatform Learning


Productivity tools

Future-proof your Microsoft 365 management strategy with a true out-of-the-box solution for your big migrations and everyday Teams and SharePoint operations.

Illustration Workleapplatform Sharegate

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Our recipe is straightforward: simplicity. Expect a turnkey experience, frictionless adoption, and amazing customer support. Simple.  

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Our products are built so that anyone in your company can use them to make an impact. 

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There are products that you have to use because they solve a problem or relieve a pain point. And then there are those you actually feel like using because the experience itself is enjoyable. We aim to be at the crossroads of both categories.

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