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skill mapping & assessment​

Map and assess your skills in minutes with AI​

Workleap's dataset leverages more than 75 million job postings and skills to help you map your teams' skills in no time. With our simple drag-and-drop tool, employees can easily map, organize, and rate their skills in just a few clicks. It's that simple. ​

AI-powered progression plans

Make progression easy and actionable

With Workleap Skills, you can create actionable progression plans based on real and measurable skills-based data. By making sure everyone is aligned, engaged, and on the same page, Workleap helps organizations accelerate the growth of their talents by empowering them to be their best selves. ​

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employee connecting with mentors and internal opportunities


Connect employees with internal opportunities and mentors

Make internal mobility a reality. Recommend the next best role within the organization based on your people's skills and interests, and match them with the right mentors to help them prepare for the role and take their careers to the next level.

Out-of-the-box integrations​

Keep everything synced with 35+ HRIS & ATS integrations

Skills effortlessly integrates with your existing ATS and HRIS workflows. Import your employees and roles from your HRIS along with your positions and skills from your ATS to enhance your skill mapping and keep everything synced, organized, and simple.​

Hris And Ats Integration With Workleap Skills

Everything you need to grow your people and skills

Empower teams to map their skills, develop their talents, and accelerate their growth.

AI powered role creation

AI-powered role creation​

Craft skills-based roles in minutes with a powerful AI that selects and weighs appropriate skills to generate accurate job descriptions and openings that you can fill internally.​

succession planning

Succession planning​

Identify critical positions and leaders and develop action plans to help high-performing employees advance within the organization. ​

employee skills directory

Skills directory

Whether you're searching for people, skills, or roles, Workleap Skills' powerful search functionality enables you to explore your workforce's capabilities effortlessly and save a ton of time.

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Tap into your people's skills and potential

Discover the next generation of employee progression software designed for the new reality of work.

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