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Let every employee shine with Good Vibes

Boost retention by celebrating employees who do great work and embody your company's values.

Officevibe user’s inbox showcasing received and sent feedback with a notification of new Good Vibes that can be opened.

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Create a culture of recognition

Officevibe Feature Good Vibes Illustration Fun And Easy

Fun and easy

Celebrate small wins, major milestones, and culture champions with peer-to-peer recognition that is meaningful and fun.

An employee who is recognized by their peers with Officevibe’s Good Vibes.

Say thank you

Employees can react to Good Vibes with fun emojis and reply to say "thank you" for the feedback.

Creation of a new Good Vibes card to send feeback in Officevibe from a template with an optional custom message box.

Goes with the flow

Get Good Vibes notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams. Give props after your Pulse Survey prompt. We work where you work to keep things simple.

Celebrate each other

Spark recognition

Make someone’s day. With a thoughtful card, tell a colleague how their contributions have a positive impact. Give everybody the ability to give and get recognition and create shared moments.

Creation of a new Good Vibes card to send feeback in Officevibe from a template with an optional custom message box.
Report of the amount of feedback and most popular Good Vibes cards sent through Officevibe for a specified period of time.


Behind-the-scenes of recognition

A quick and easy way to assess the vibe of your entire organization and its teams. See exactly who drives recognition, which themes and values are being celebrated most, and who is at their absolute best.


No good deed unnoticed

Every employee gets to be seen. Managers get a view of peer-to-peer shoutouts, providing them with rich examples to help motivate and develop team members.

Employee profile in Officevibe showcasing the user’s team members and the Good Vibes cards they have received from peers.
Officevibe’s Good Vibes settings allowing managers to create and manage custom cards collections for employees to pick from.


Celebrate your values

Create custom recognition collections to prompt celebrations that align with your company values — so that everyone can talk the talk AND walk the walk!



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