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Three Workleap employees collaborating in a modern and casual setting, fostering teamwork and innovation

Our mission

Make work simpler, kinder, and faster

At Workleap, we help organizations get one step closer to business excellence with our products. A few steps closer, actually.

What we do

We build an ecosystem of powerfully simple employee and digital experience software

All over the world, businesses use our software to do their best work.



We take great pride in our clients' trust. Helping them get ready for this new era of work never gets old. 



Everyday, we enable more people to work better. We can’t help but be impressed by this number, and it's only the beginning. 



We had the chance to build relationships worldwide, giving us unique insights into employee experience and its future.

Our business is built on a simple belief:
There’s a better way to work

Our story

Proud Canadians with a call to build

Workleap was born after spending the better part of two decades asking ourselves a simple question: how can we craft software to make work simpler, kinder, and faster? Over the years, we tackled this question by focusing our energy on building great solutions to help businesses improve a crucial part of their organizations: their employee experience.

Born in Montreal, now spread across Canada, our team believes that creating environments where people are set up for success is not only good for employees — it’s good for business. That’s us in a nutshell, and we are just starting.

A modern, collaborative space: A conference room at the Workleap office in Montreal that overlooks a casual, brightly-lit café.
Content while working from home: An engaged Workleap employee, showcasing productivity and comfort in a remote work environment

Our values

Our firm beliefs

As a company, we live by a few principles:

  • We listen to understand
  • We own up
  • We tell it like it is
  • We win as a team
  • We take the leap

In other words, we make sure to build the right stuff, keep things honest, and never get too comfortable. We do all that as one team, sharing triumphs and mistakes along the way.

our company

Meet the leadership team

Everything we create at Workleap aims to help people work at their best. Meet the team contributing to get us there.

Headshot of Simon De Baene, CEO of Workleap

Simon De Baene

CEO and Co-founder

Headshot of Martin Gourdeau, General Manager at Workleap

Martin Gourdeau

President and General Manager

Headshot of Kahina Ouerdane, Chief People Officer at Workleap

Kahina Ouerdane

Chief People Officer

Headshot of Catherine Ouellet-Dupuis, Chief Strategy and Risk Officer at Workleap

Catherine Ouellet-Dupuis

Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer

Headshot of Sebastien Leduc, Chief Operating Officer at Workleap

Sébastien Leduc

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Headshot of Stephen Osmond, Chief Finance Officer at Workleap

Stephen Osmond

Chief Finance Officer

Headshot of Guillaume Roy, Director of Product at Workleap

Anaud Ganpaul

Vice President of Product

A portrait of Guillaume Roy, Director of product of Workleap

Guillaume Roy

Director of Product and Co-founder

Headshot of Benjamin Niaulin, Director of Product at Workleap

Benjamin Niaulin

Vice President of Product


Innovation Lab

The future of EX
starts here

The Lab is a testament to our devotion and purpose to help everyone do their best work. It's where we push the boundaries and build new products from the ground up.

A cup of coffee on a desk, symbolizing the dynamic and energizing atmosphere of a software company

Let’s make work really work 

Does all this sound like something you can get behind?
Join us for the ride.