The second Quip-Find puzzle book is now available!

Perhaps only once in a decade, a new word puzzle catches the fancy of the puzzle-solving public. Quip-Find puzzles may well be the new sensation of the coming years.

A diagram of three faces of a 3x3x3 cube, with one letter assigned to each visible smaller cube, contains a hidden quip (a proverb or short quotation). You find the quip with the aid of a cryptogram.

In Quip-Find puzzles, you find not only individual words, but also the whole quip spelled out as one continuous string snaking its way around the diagram.

One satisfied reader, reviewing the first book of these puzzles (Never Play Leapfrog with a Unicorn: The Quip-Find Puzzle Book of Advice) on, asserted that "Quip-Find puzzles are the Rolls-Royce of the puzzle word. They have it all." The book has received an overall four-star reader rating.

Now, this new book, When Eating an Elephant: The 2nd Quip-Find Puzzle Book of Advice, presents 109 more of these original and challenging new puzzles. The book even includes special new puzzles that present one quip in two diagrams - and a couple that present two quips in two diagrams. These variations add variety and new challenges to the mix.

Many readers are able to pick up a book of Quip-Find puzzles and begin solving them at once, with little or no introduction. But, if you get stuck, there are optional hints at the back of the book. And then, if you do need more detailed guidance, the book offers a comprehensive set of instructions for solving Quip-Find puzzles, with specific suggestions and examples.

Welcome to the word of Quip-Find puzzles! If you love word puzzles (such as Boggle and the TV show, Wheel of Fortune) and/or puzzles that require you to use logic (such as Sudoku and Ken-Ken), you are almost certain to fall in love with Quip-Find.

Purchase the book here for $9.95.

“Forty years in the making, a new word puzzle goes public”

Read about the totally-new word puzzle, Quip-Find™, in the Vermont weekly newspaper, SEVEN DAYS

Then purchase the new book here for only $5.95 per copy. CreateSpace eStore page for our book.

Quipto® The Game

                quip (kwĭp), n.  A clever or witty remark or reply…

Quip-Find™ puzzles are based on the 3-D word game, Quipto®, which uses the surface of a 3x3x3 cube* as its “playing space.” 

In 1970 a young Vermonter had just solved a puzzle with “Soma cubes,” assembling them to form a 3x3x3 cube*.  While admiring the elegance of this cluster of 27 smaller cubes, he observed that one of them was totally surrounded, “like the core of an apple,” leaving 26 exposed.  He wondered: What would happen if you had 26 letter cubes – one for each letter of the alphabet, the same letter on all its faces – and you played the letter cubes into the cubicles of a 3x3x3 rack?  Could you spell out words as a path between cubes that were adjacent on the surface of the rack? 

Thus was the 3-D word game Quipto® conceived.  The inventor, Jim Rader, soon discovered that it is easy to spell out almost any word in this way – but that it is more challenging to spell out a whole sentence as a single continuous path. 

The 3D word game Quipto® is currently under development.  Watch this website for updates on its status and availability.

In the meantime you can go ahead and enjoy Quip-Find™ puzzles!


*This shape will remind many people of Rubik’s Cube®, but Quipto was invented before Rubik’s Cube and there is no further similarity between that puzzle and Quipto.  Quipto (which is currently under development) is simpler –and it’s a word game.