Officevibe, Didacte, Softstart and Talentscope are now Workleap Officevibe, LMS, Onboarding and Skills. Learn more.

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Employee experience software that streamlines talent management and the adoption of productivity tools. 

Onboarding, talent development and engagement modules: Woman waving hello and smiling while using Workleap to help employee start, thrive, and grow at their company
A caracter is waving hand, saying hello.

Say hello to your business true potential —

powered by simple employee experience software.

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Engage your people, improve performance, enable recognition and let good vibes flow.

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Structure and automate your onboarding journey so newcomers hit the ground running.

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Discover, manage, and grow your team’s skills to unleash their potential and retain your rising stars.

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Monitor, support, and optimize the professional development of your team.



Achieve frictionless IT governance, from migration to management and day-to-day operations.

We are trusted by 20 000+ customers worldwide.






Software Advice




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One Signal

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We are a one-stop shop to onboard new hires, develop talent, align teams, engage people, celebrate achievements, manage productivity tools, and more. 

Focus on performance

in workleap Officevibe

Performance management

Continuously drive team performance with data-driven performance reviews, lightweight checkpoint cycles, reporting, one-on-one, OKRs, and goal setting.

A woman on a meeting is chatting with her interlocutor. Snipets of the Officevibe interface show the performance management feature.

Try Workleap

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Our recipe is straightforward: simplicity. Expect a turnkey experience, frictionless adoption, and amazing customer support. Simple. 

Usp Frictionless Deployment

Open. Install. Go.

Get started with confidence, see results quickly.  

Usp Easy Adoption

Everyone’s a power user 

Our products are built so that anyone in your company can use them to make an impact. 

Usp Fast Insights

We’ve got your back

Supported by a caring team committed to customers.

Workleap will empower you to stay nimble in a world that’s constantly testing and asking you to adapt. It sure will bring clarity to the chaos.

Simon De BaeneCEO and Co-founder of Workleap
Portrait of Simon De Baene, co-founder of Workleap

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