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Map, assess, and manage your team's skills with clarity

Workleap makes skills assessment and management effortless so you can streamline your performance management process and clearly identify strengths, gaps, and needs.​

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Drag-and-drop skills assessment​

Assess your skills with just a few clicks

Workleap's simple drag-and-drop interface makes skills assessment a breeze. In just a few clicks, your employees will get a clear view of their skills, rated by their level of expertise for each. You can't know what you can't see, so you can't improve what you don't know. Workleap Skills gives you the clarity you need to manage your team's performance and growth better.​

employee assessing the skills from expert to advanced
benchmark skills and peers

AI & peer benchmarking

Benchmark skills against peers & AI

Make skill assessment more accurate. Workleap Skills uses AI to explain different levels of expertise for each skill so employees can rate themselves better. They can also see how their coworkers rate themselves, which helps them get better at benchmarking their skills.​

Custom skills and descriptions

Tailor your skills to your organization​

Every organization is unique and has its own language and standards. With Workleap Skills, you can easily customize your skills and their description so that everyone on your team speaks the same language and remains on the same page. It makes skills assessments strategically aligned with your objectives and culture, and it does so in just a few clicks.​

customize skills to organization needs
75 million data points being used in Workleap Skills

75 million data points​

Keep your skills up-to-date with the market

Workleap uses AI to tap into 75 million data points about the job market, including millions of job postings, to make sure your skills are relevant and at the forefront of market trends.​

35+ integrations out of the box​

Enrich your skills data with HRIS & ATS integrations

Workleap Skills offers a wide range of 35+ integrations that can easily be set up in one click. That way, you can connect to your HRIS to enrich your skills map with autogenerated skills suggestions based on job history and easily import skills from resumes from your ATS. It’s smart, it’s simple, and it’s fast!​

list of ATS integrated with Workleap Skills
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Assess your skills.
Harness your potential.

Know what you are made of in minutes, not months. With its fast, easy, and free skill assessment platform, Workleap instantly helps you unlock your team’s full potential and create value for your organization.
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