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Workleap LMS provides flexible reporting and monitoring tools to visualize and extract learning and development data easily. Share progression data with managers and stakeholders so they can make better decisions.

The Workleap LMS dashboard which shows a graph tracking all new enrollments in the last month, as well as the recent courses created and users added.

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Flexible reporting and monitoring tools to easily visualize and extract learning & development data without the headache

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Get the full picture

Offer HR and managers more visibility over employee progression through centralized learning and development (L&D) data and documentation.

A Manager who consults the results of training in order to make informed decisions

Data-backed decision making

Take data and people-driven decisions with real-time information about your employees' enrollments, progressions, completions, and requalification statuses.

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Keep goals and progression on track

Share accountability for reaching L&D goals between HR and managers by giving everyone access to the information they need. Align learning with the critical skill development needs with the ability to monitor and track team’s progression.

Real-time progress monitoring

Monitor and export comprehensive progress reports in real-time. Workleap LMS enables this view in courses, learning paths, by person, group, or enrollment period. The data can be filtered and exported easily in a spreadsheet or a CSV to have the full overview of people’s progression.

User’s global and detailed progress in a course on Workleap LMS, showing completed lessons within the course plan.
Group supervisor's overview of their assigned user groups ("My groups") in Workleap LMS.

Group supervisors

Your HR teams have a lot on their plate. Allow your HR to decentralize the employee progress-tracking responsibility so that they're not the only ones accountable for the progress tracking of every employee in an organization.

Restricted access user groups

Assign one or more groups to your employees to facilitate batch actions, such as enrolling multiple students in a new course. For each course, you can designate the groups for which it will be accessible to better control the display of public courses to your team members.

Restricted access group feature on Workleap LMS that allows this group to access a limited list of selected courses.
Editing a learning path in Workleap LMS by creating learning steps and adding existing courses through drag-and-drop.

Learning paths

Personalize your employees' learning by creating customized learning paths by one’s job type or department, group multiple courses in a path, and arrange them in a fixed or random order by creating the desired number of steps. This feature is great for onboarding new employees or grooming first-time managers. Save time and automate your students' enrollment in a learning path by associating a path to a user group.

Course completion reminder

Help your users stay organized in their learning by implementing automated reminders. By setting up custom e-mail reminders for your students, they won't have to think about it, and you will never have to worry about them forgetting to complete your course.

Adding a custom course completion reminder on Workleap LMS to automatically email users 30 days after their enrollment.
Course plan overview in Workleap LMS showing that drip content is activated, meaning that content will be released gradually.

Drip content

Support progressive learning with drip content. Strategic delays between exercises become prompted moments to take action on what you just learned before learning more. Use progressive unlocking to assign your modules and lessons a specific number of days or dates before your users can have access. They will be automatically notified by email when a new lesson is available.

Multiple versions courses

Workleap LMS allows you to create multiple occurrences of a course, an ideal solution if you offer several sessions of the same course or if you want to modify the course outline depending on the type of user. Your learners can register for the version of the course that best suits their schedule or needs.

Adding multiple versions of a course on Workleap LMS to adapt the course plan or the content to the right user group.
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Workleap LMS

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