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Enhance what works. Fix what doesn't.

Say goodbye to guesswork! Workleap Onboarding's automated surveys and reports, comments, and real-time reactions unlock the insights you need to improve your onboarding process — all in one place.

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Shine a light on your employee onboarding

Gather insights and generate reports automatically to gain clarity and effortlessly refine and optimize your onboarding processes.

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Increase retention

Engaged new hires are more likely to stay and thrive within your organization. By continuously improving your onboarding process, you can create an environment that promotes retention and reduces turnover.

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Boost productivity

Enhancing your onboarding program leads to better-equipped and more productive new hires. With Workleap Onboarding's feedback and reporting features, you can identify areas for improvement, provide the necessary tools and knowledge, and accelerate new hires' productivity from day one.

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Foster company culture

By gathering feedback, analyzing insights, and making data-driven improvements, you can ensure that your onboarding process aligns with your unique company values, fostering a sense of belonging and reinforcing your culture.

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Measure your onboarding performance effortlessly

Gauge employee engagement, track progress, and gather feedback —
finally, insights on how your onboarding process is really going.

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Automated feedback collection

Effortlessly gather valuable insights from new hires. Automated surveys and feedback loops help you uncover areas for improvement faster.

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Insightful reports and analytics

Unlock actionable insights with comprehensive reports and analytics. Gain a clear overview of onboarding performance and start making data-driven improvements.

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Collaboration feedback culture

Foster a culture of feedback and improvement. Encourage new hires to share experiences, provide reactions, leave comments, and build stronger connections while improving your processes.

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Engage & empower new hires and automate your onboarding process using our 50+ integrations

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Easy, stress-free onboarding… ​for free.

Workleap helps you build your onboarding process, onboard newcomers, and measure the impact. All in one place.