Combine the simple fun of word-find puzzles or Boggle® with searching for a hidden message, as contestants do on the popular TV show, Wheel of Fortune®.  Add a dash of the third dimension for an extra challenge!

What you have is the totally-new word puzzle, Quip-Find™.  A quip – a proverb or other quotation – is hidden, and it is the solver’s task to find it with the aid of a cryptogram.  Never Play Leapfrog with a Unicorn: The Quip-Find™ Puzzle Book of Advice has just been published, and you can become one of the first word-puzzle lovers to enjoy this new kind of puzzle.

Here is an excerpt from the back cover of the new book:

Become a sleuth and a codebreaker!  Quip-Find puzzles are similar to word-find puzzles—but more challenging, and more fun: You find not just hidden words, but a hidden “quip” (a proverb or quotation).  The quip is concealed in a diagram of a 3x3x3 cube, and you discover it with the aid of a cryptogram where blanks stand for the letters in the quip.  Here is an easy sample puzzle:


To solve this puzzle, you start by guessing a word in the cryptogram.  For example, since the third word can only be “A” or “I”, you might guess that it is “A” and fill in “A” in all the blanks marked “1”.  Now you might consider the last word (“A-15-A-7”):  What word does that suggest?  Can it be spelled out in the diagram?  You are well on your way to ferreting out this familiar saying.

The best way to try the challenge of Quip-Find™ puzzles is to purchase a copy of the new book:

The book is now available for purchase for $5.95 at CreateSpace eStore . The book contains 103 Quip-Find puzzles—easy, medium and hard—for you to solve.

Here is an excerpt from the book, How to Solve Quip-Find Puzzles,” that will give you some suggestions about solving these puzzles.

And here are some sample Quip-Find™ puzzles for you to try:

Sample puzzle 1 (easy) 

Sample puzzle (medium)   

Sample puzzle 3 (hard)